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LJ COMM: Tvmovie20in20: Round 15: Provided Textures

This was more challenging than I expected. That'll teach me to sign up for a 20in20 challenge at the last minute!!! Especially since I'm much more used to making larger graphics... Oops!

Below the cut: 20 Brooklyn 99 Icons for tvmovie20in20 that I am at varying levels of satisfaction with >>;

(4.29 @ 6:45pm - replaced 2, 3, 5, and 16 with icons where the text is more clear; moved originals to alts...)

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I did make a ton of icon bases that I'm pleased with that I'll post in a bit for others to feel free to use...</center> ✦ originally posted at dreamwidth ✦ please reply here:
Captain Marvel Happy Rainbow

COVID got me like...

I'm feeling really blessed and fortunate -- working for a bank, I'm more certain of my job security than most right now and am able to work from home, though the hours have to be adjusted to accommodate remote access being used globally at a scale previously unimagined.

Still, it's scary. I'm more worried about my dad, my grandma and my wife's parents who are all 70+ years old and immuno-compromised. My dad is still going to the grocery store which is just appalling to me. So strange to be in a world where I'm displaying more common sense than he is. Never have I seen a YOLO vibe so strong, y'all...

So, I'm nervous, but I'm also very thankful for the health care workers, and grocery store workers, and so on who are working on the front lines of this virus. I also have hope when I see how lovely we're being to each other right now... ♥